Increasing Number of "Peers In" on Relay

I notice that number of “Peers In” on my Relay is slowly but constantly increasing. While I limited the number of “Peers Out” through topology updater to 10, I see that I have 25 incoming peers. My node is working fine and is processing transactions, but I am just curious if the number of incoming peers should be limited too? What is the ideal number of peers (IN and OUT)? Does the number of peers influence pool ranking/performance in any way?

Thanks in advance for your insight!

Nope, the number of IN peers wil not influence the pool ranking but can influence the performance of the node… if the CPU/MEM is fine then u should not worry

I have 30 IN peers and no issues, perhaps a little bit more bandwith consuming… the number of IN peers can be limited by limiting the number of connections accepted for Relay port… anyway u should not worry :beers:

Thank you, Alex! You have responded to pretty much every question I ever posted here, and I really appreciate it!

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Yeah @Alexd1985 is da man !

IN connections are your way to passively participate in spreading the Cardano network :wink:

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