Lost all producer and relays node on the cloud, need to recover them from cold node

I have lost all my VM on cloud where my producer and relays nodes were running. I have my pledge on those nodes, and need to recover my stake pool from cold node if its possible or at least recover my pledges using the cold keys.

Is there any guide or step by step to perform this?

Thanks in advance!!!

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U will need a node synced in order to perform transactions
Did u used coincashew guide when u created the pool?


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  • Setup 1 relay as on the guide from cardano developers or coincashew to get a working machine with cardano-cli

  • optionally sync the node to 100% by running it / alternatively navigate to Cardano Explorer and check the actual slot mumber

  • get your keys from your wallet on that machine

  • create a simple transaction as posted above from jacob (use the slotnumber + 1000 from explorer) and move your funds to any wallet you want

Let me know if i can help. Regards

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Yes I did … I need to create a new node just using same cert?? It s matter that the cold node is an older version than the new one ?

You are right. Version shouldnt matter. Only keys & certs are relevant to restore

If u have the old files including op.cert and the vrf files then u don’t need to do anything… u will need to retire the pool if this is what u want and move the funds from pledge wallet to another wallet (u will receive 500 ADA next epoch after u will retire the pool as rewards)

How can I retire the pool and transfer the pledge without an active node ?? Just connecting the cold node to internet and creating a new trx?

Thanks for your help, is really useful!!

Did you download the cli and node to your could computer?

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you could follow this guide.

for this you need a machine running cardano-cli. to follow along the guide you should have run the nodes once to sync it.

you will need your cold keys & payment keys on this machine.

There are some other guides online as well - the all are pretty the same and requirements will always be a cardano-cli node with keys on it to create the transaction.

Regards, obi

You’ll need a synced node

Hi! Out of curiosity what VPS provider shut you down?