How do you actually pledge?

In various places the docs mention that a pool operator can “pledge some/all of his funds” by delegating to his/her pool. How is this actually done? I have the funds that I want to pledge in Daedalus, once my pool shows up in the list I could delegate to my pool, but that is probably not it (i.e. the pool is not associated with my Ledger priv. key)

Perhaps, I need to transfer the funds that I want to pledge to the payment address. Would that be all there is to do? I haven’t found any mention of it in the docs (perhaps its too obvious :wink:

Perhaps also, do I need to delegate my funds from the payment addr to the stake addr?

In short, I’m confused about how to fund my own pool.

Sure, I gladly restore. Do you perhaps happen to have the original message?

It seems to be like this: All funds that you (as the SPO) have in your payment address automatically become “Live Stake”. You can then pledge some/all of that when you generate the stake-pool registration-certificate. This also happens when you add additional pool owners (i.e. the friends you do this with).

I’m still not sure, whether you can pledge funds that someone (you know) has delegated to your pool.

I’ve done that with [ASTOR]

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