Pledging to new pool

We have managed to set up a Node. Running now with no Stake.
Before I send the Pledge. Any does and don’ts?
Should I Pledge, or simply delegate to the pool once it shows up in Daedalus?
My fee is 5%. Does this apply to a Pledge as well? So 5% from Pledge goes to pool fees and the rest to the rewards wallet that sent the Pledge?
Thank you!


The Pledge is not implemented in the Jormungandr based testnet. The research papers explain it as a required game theory element in order to prevent sibyl attacks (in short: a higher plegded pool will earn more rewards => one need a certain amount of ADA to pledge his pool to make it competitive => this will prevent him from registering several hundreds of pools)

The current pledge address is an interim solution in the CF based github repository. So far it has no effect on the rewards generated by your pool.

Kind Regards from CLIO1 Pool.

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Thank you for quick response!
So in Daedalus, when I click on “pledge address” on a pool tab, what am I looking at?
So according to what you write, I can not “Pledge” in ITN. The ADA I had intended to Pledge, do I simply delegate this to my pool instead once the pool shows up in Daedalus?

as described in you had added a pledge address into the signed metadata for your pool.

this address indeed is what you can see in Daedalus or also in as one of the parameters for your pool.
However the reward mechanism in Jormungandr so far does not include any pledge factor.

From what we know the Haskell based implementation will look at pledge amounts, and if Jormungandr is developed to become a compatible implementation it will also need to include the pledge sum into his reward calculation.

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