Two pool owners with distinct pledge address


A partner and I want to run a stake pool. I am the SPO and he is co-owner (pledging basically). The issue is that we barely know each other and we want to use both ADA to have a good pledge amount.
The question is: is there a way that he pledges in the pool and does not lose control over his ADA? I mean, I would be the operator so I will manage the pool, he would just be a co-owner and he is a non-techie guy (pledging mostly).

Any idea, suggestion, or other solution for this issue is more than welcome.

Thank you.

has he a trezor/ledger wallet?

Yes @Alexd1985, he has all his ADA in a hardware wallet.

Perfect, then u can do it via adalite


Thanks @Alexd1985 for your help. But the pool is already registered, would that be an issue? Seems from that link that the pool registration has to be at that time. I am understanding it well?

Furthermore, would I need in this case always his key to sign all transactions or I will just need mine as SPO?


You can add anytime an another wallet for pledge… you will send the certification he will sign it then u will submit

Thanks @Alexd1985. Your responses are always really fast and precise. I really appreciate that.

So, ok, so his role will just be owner/pledger and I will not need any further signature from him in the future to manage the stake pool. I just need it this time to make him a co-owner and then not operationally for the management of the pool in most of the cases. Is that correct?

He will need to sign the transactions each time when you will need to submit a new one

Ok, that is the issue. He will have to sign every transaction, even for example metadata extension or reward distribution or even creating any random transaction, right? That creates a bit of difficulty managing the pool in terms of efficiency as it will need always a double-check from both owners.

Is there any other way to avoid these troubles?

How important is the pledge to receive rewards? Is there any measure anywhere to get an idea of how the rewards change for example if you have 10.000 or 100,000 pledge? As another solution might be him staking, but maybe is not optimal in terms of possible rewards. What do you think?

Delegation = pledging
The only difference is that in theory a big pledge will give to delegators more confidence

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I agree with that point. But according to the rewards formulas, there is a parameter, set at 0.3 (pledge influence factor) that increases a bit the % of the rewards. But is a small influence which I think is only really relevant when the pledge is in the size of millions vs hundreds.

So, based on what you say, a bigger pledge does not play any game to be elected to mint a block or any other relevant issue more than be attractive for delegators as “skin in the game”?

Exactly, look at the big pools which have only 100 ADA pledged

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The ones I saw had quite a big pledge. I do not know of any big pool with less than 5-10K pledged. That is why I asked, just to be sure it had no big impact. But seems it is completely irrelevant. That is perfect and very clear mate.

Many thanks.

There are many, for example check BNP (binance)

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Look for instance [BNP] Binance Staking - 7, it has 0 pledge, 160K of stake…no blocks minted in the last 40-45 epochs and still has a stake amount that should allow minting a block every 8-9 epochs (14% chance)…What is the issue there?

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I see. Thanks for your quick and accurate response.

The only thing to think of when there are multiple pledge owner is that the pool’s reward (including individual staking rewards) goes to one reward address.