Non techie owners - how to?

The co-owners of my upcoming stake pool are very non techie. What is the best way to guide them into becoming owners?

I was looking at Ada Lite but as I understand they need HW wallets to use Ada Lite? Maybe that’s the route further on but I wouldn’t want to start there.

Can I guide them into using Daedalus and extract what I need from there? Their tech skills are basically using Netflix at best.

Some pointers from the community would be awesome, thanks!

If you really talk about “co-owners” (i.e. folks that pledge) it is very much a matter of trust. They will essentially have to give you their stake.skey for the pool configuration, which gives you access to all of their rewards. If they can’t even generate those keys using the cmd line, you will have to do that for them. It can quickly become a nightmare when we are talking about larger amounts of owner stake.

A better option may be to have just one owner (i.e. you) and you come to an agreement how you share the pool rewards (i.e. 340 fix + pool margin). Even if they do become registered owners, all pool rewards end up on a single address and someone will have to distribute these rewards manually anyway. If they don’t become owners you can’t pledge their stake.

Yes, I’m talking about a few persons contributing to the pledge and being co-owners.

I was under the impression the rewards where split between owner addresses. I was also looking for a way to sign them as owners without me having access to their wallets. I thought at least the last part was be possible to achieve using like Ada Lite?

If that’s not the case your suggestion might be easier.