Owner Pledge = Stake?

Hey everyone,

I have a question that regards both staking and operating, so ill post it here, maybe to have ir moved eventually.

If i were to create a pool with a partner (or 2) can each owner pledge a different amount of ADA to the pool? im assuming that is possible, but will reward distribution also count towards proportional stakerewards? in short: Does Owner Pledge count as Stake proportionally?

I like to assemble a group of likeminded people to operate, but id like the reward distribution to be fair and transparent from the get-go.

any comments are helpful or a paper/link referral. i have no problems reading alot :slight_smile:

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yes the pledge is proportional to the stake. stake is stake. does not matter if it is the pledge or coming from the delegates.

Your second issue about fair distribution of ADA between pool operators.
There is no such thing automated. You have to do it manually.
That is what I believe is up to date.