Setting up Pool parameters

Dear fellow SPO’s

Our pool (Stayk Pool, “STAYK”) will hit live tomorrow morning if all goes well.

i had a few questions about settng the pool parameters as we have a few options to choose from.
For teh name etc all is set, my main question is regarding pledge/vs owner stake (wich isnt the same, as pledge is in the pool parameters, owner stake isnt by design)
We have about 18k ADA available, and pledging most would seem the right mentality, but it cames with some drawbacks (immobility of ADA) but deleviers a solid amount of “skin in the game”
In the LF2B group we have some excess stake to delegate too smaller pools in a bootstrapping attempt, very nive community initiative => Let's create "First two lifetime block" community - #32 by LuckySlam

We have 5 k reserved for that so lets say 13k ADA.

  • Pledge 10k
  • Cost 600 ADA? 1 time?
  • Some ADA for a small transaction
  • rest (± 3k ADA) as movable stake
  • Margin: between 0-1% as id like to be attractive early on, and we have accepted the 1st year of operational costs as a loss, so no need to compensate for that by ways of increased margin.

Would it be sensible to just pledge all you have? As its likely the pool wont skyrocket into hyperproductionmode for any oeriod of time soon (aside for a lucky moment ofcourse)

Any thoughts form the other SPO’s would be highly appreciated. and all check the link i provided, i think that can be very effective in the mid to long term as opposed to praying tor IOHK stake (although still go for that, its a great boost)

Best regards,



Have you found out the answers already? or still need some guidance…

We are live since 27th of Feb, all went smooth.
Just in the struggling to get delegator boat.

Doing promotions and interviews on to gain some traction.