Pleding with non-technical-Participants

Hi Community.

theoretical question:

i want to run a testnet Pool with 5000 ADA Pledge on my site. i know how to interact with cardano-cli and i am able to create/manage my addresses/vkeys/skeys proberly for transactions.

now i decide to bring in enthusiastic friends to help pleding the pool. these friends have would like to participate, but have no idea how to interact with the ecosystem deep dive. anyhow - i want them to keep their private keys so transfering to my wallet is no option here. i would like them to have a simple wallet with seed phrase - they just need to keep their money in the wallet and they belong to them.

what is the best way to let them help pledge the pool?

can we create for example a yoroi wallet, store the seed phrase (and don’t touch it again) and export the *.vkey for their stake address associated to the payment address, so i can create a “delegation certification pledge” for them with my cold keys?

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Did u said that the pool is on testnet? And ur friend has a testnet wallet with tADA?

pool is on the testnet for now - friend isn’t… i would have tried it on my own with multiple wallets if i know which strategy to follow.

goal would be mainnet if everything works fine and we’re sure what we’re doing.

hmmm, the most eficient option is with ledger via, otherwise u will need the .skey file on the server where the transaction will be signed

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thanks for responding - i will certainly try this - can you just give me a hint here?

am i creating a wallet on with a ledger device and then i can export the stake.vkey from the wallet itself. is it that simple?

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The server is bare metal or vps server?

Also u have the steps on coincashew if u use this guide

18.14 Secure your pool pledge with a 2nd pool owner using a hardware wallet

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i went through your links and the posts answered all questions i had and beyond. Very very helpful content for my understanding and operating skills later on. Thanks a lot alexd!

You are welcome :beers:

i’d like to take this one step further for final understanding:

now i know how to manage the pool wallet with cardano hw-cli and the pool owners can sign their pledge with adalite.

Understanding the signing process:

  1. if i have multiple owners, every change for the pool (Metadata/Margin/Pledge) has to be signed by everybody except the owner who got out?

  2. so if there are 3 owners already pleding for a while. now a 4th owner to pledge comes along → i cannot simply add him with only his signed pledge? do i have to reach out to all owners for a new registration signing round within a certain TTL?


Exactly, all participants must sign the transaction… because u will add all wallets as pledge inside the new pool certificate… basically a new certificate will replace the old one not update

PS: u can set the TTL to expire in minutes, hours, days, etc so should not be a problem

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