Check manually that pledge of 100 ADA is met

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It seems im on the right track now to fully have my ADA staking pool, but i can see at the following message, which im not sure what does it even mean or how to fix it:

Check manually that pledge of 100 ADA is met

And infact on the at i can see an alert

And if it is not much to ask, i have a quick question regarding the actual pool status. By mistake set the margin at 15% instead of 1.5%, now i have changed it, but it seems it will take a few epoch’s to the change to take effect. If i do delegate now (which still shows up as 15% although it has a message stating it is been changed) will i be delegating at 15% or at 1.5%?

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For pledge not met u must check if u have not less than 100ADA in the wallet and for margin it’s fine (ur delegation will take effect also after 2 epochs)

Next epoch u will see the margin changed to 1,5%


Do you mind telling me how do i check the amount of ADA in the wallet? transfered 510 ADA for the all the process and and et seemed to be fine.

Yes, u had 510 ADA but u paid 500ADA for pool registration (which u will receive back as rewards when u will retire the pool)… so basically u should have now ~8 ADA … and u pledged 100 ADA

To fix the pledge not met error u should send to the wallet the difference

U can see the wallet balance on node by using cardano-cli or on if u paste the payment.addr


Ok, so i understand i need to put another 100 for pledging right?

Not 100, only the difference… let’s say 95 ADA to cover also future transactions fee

May i ask a question… is the pledge something i will get back when ever a want to close the pool if ever do? or is it something “i pay” in order to have my own pool?

Everything u will get back, except the transactions fee, as long u will not lose the pool/wallet files… so do more backups

The pool/pledge wallet is a cli wallet under ur controll only

Also the pledge wallet can be:

  • cli wallet
  • imported wallet via mnemonic
  • hw wallet
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mmm you just scared me… what do you mean by pool/wallet files? would you specify which files you mean? because i do not have any mnemonic for the pool wallet created via the coincashew guide…

Wallet files which will provide access to funds are

  • payment.addr
  • payment.skey
  • payment.vkey
  • stake.skey
  • stake.vkey, etc

Pool files which will allow u to modify/retire the pool:

  • node.counter
  • node.skey
  • node.vkey
  • kes.start
  • node.cert
  • pool.cert
  • hot.skey
  • hot.vkey
  • vrf.skey
  • vrf.vkey, etc

basically all files created on your servers for wallet and pool

PS: u didn’t used mnemonic, u created a standard cli wallet

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