Stake address delegation null

Hi everyone. I’ve an issue after register my pool I noticed that I forgot to register the stake, so I create the stake.cert file and submit it. Before doing that, on when I navigated to the rewards page it was just blank but now I can see the page, here: Stake Address | Cardano Staking. The problem is when I search for the stake.addr on it says the address has not been delegated to any pool yet. Why is this happening, how can I solve this problem?


cardano-cli query stake-address-info \
--mainnet \
--mary-era \
 --address stake1uxeu40feznhej956ec0gk4zmvd0cp892xhutdj9udxhyspsl9v0n5

the result is this:

    "address": "stake1uxeu40feznhej956ec0gk4zmvd0cp892xhutdj9udxhyspsl9v0n5",
    "delegation": null,
    "rewardAccountBalance": 0


Did u pledged? After u will pledge withe the address the status will be change


Hi @Alexd1985 my pledge address is different from my rewards address. I follow the docs and since they are using the same stake.vkey for pledge and rewards it’s kind of confuse for me now if I need to create a delegation certificate for the rewards address.

So if my rewards address is different of my pledge how can I delegate it to my pool? I thought by only passing --pool-reward-account-verification-key-file stake.vkey the stake.addr derived from will be delegated to my pool. Also I’d like to note I create the stake.cert after the registration process

As I know each wallet should have it’s own delegation certificate…

Could you please point out to the exact step/command that delegate your stake.addr to your pool?

I pledged from that address but should be a command for delegate

Ps don’t use shelley subcommand we are in Mary era

So if the stake.vkey isn’t used for pledge, you’ll need to delegate it on a extra step? I guess that from the doc since they are using the same stake.vkey for both rewards and owners, when they delegate (delegation-certificate) to honor the pledge they “implicitly” are delegating the stake.addr to the pool right?

Right, this is true

And the process to delegate the stake.addr to the pool is strictly necessary to get the rewards right?

Nope, U will still receive rewards but will not be automatically delegated if u leave them in that wallet

In that wallet u will receive the cost + margin

I get it! thank you so much @Alexd1985 for you help, I really appreciate it

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