De-registered staking key


I am new to cardano and I’ve been reading a lot, but there’s one thing that’s still not clear to me. I’m hoping one of you can help me.

I had some ADA delegated to a pool and for some reason I decided to move my ADAs to an exchange. I then withdrew from the pool and at the same time deregistered the key (now I know I didn’t have to do that, but at the time it wasn’t clear to me). A few days later I moved a few ADAs back to my wallet (a much smaller amount than before) and delegated them again to the same pool as before.

My question is: will I get rewards for the previous blocks (the ones before I de-registered the staking key)? And if so, will I also get rewards for blocks mined during the period my ADAs were not in the wallet and the key was not registered? In this particular case they were delegated during the snapshot, but not when the block was actually mined.

I hope it makes sense. Thank you!


Where there any new 2 ADA + fee transaction as stake key deposit when you delegated again?

Hi! Yes, there was a new fee of a bit over 2 ADA. When I withdrew the first time I got back the fee, and now I paid it again.

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Good question - the new stake key is different from the address you delegated before - but corresponding to the same wallet… I am just guessing that you will receive rewards to the new stake address from the previous delegation

Thank you for your reply! My guess is the same. Well, if no one else here has more knowledge on that matter I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…

If u made all this actions between the snapshots should not be any problems;

Questions: the stake address is the same? If not I am affraid u will not receive rewards and u will need again to wait 4 epochs till first reward
Changing the stake address is like u are changing the wallet

How can I check if the stake address changed?

To wich pool u delegated and when?
U can check/search on by stake address

When I check my stake key history at it shows three transactions, one when I first registered in the pool, other when I unregistered and a third when I registered again. I think that means I kept the same key, right? Also, in my Yoroi wallet, under receive → reward there’s only one generated address.

Ok, then probably u have the same stake address, tomorrow night u will know for sure … but as long the key is the same u should not have issues

Also, my timeline was like that: I unregistered, then in the next day the block was minted, two days later the new epoch started, and then two days later I registered again.

The rewards are delayed with 2 epochs, so if there will be no problem with de-register /register the address then u should receive the rewards… in which epoch the block was minted?

If it was in 260 then tomorrow night (after epoch transition) u will know the answer

It was in the current epoch, I believe 260.

Current epoch is 261

You’re right, I’m sorry, it was the previous epoch.

Hmmm what is the pool name and what amount did u delegated?

Or just tell me the pool name

The pool is EUADA

Is this ur stake right? stake1ux57lur

Yes, I believe it is

This is ur reward for 260