Unspent Rewards

I was having problems with my recovery phrase, so I created a new wallet and transferred all of my cardano to my new wallet. The old wallet still shows I have unspent rewards… I can’t figure out how to get those rewards. Shouldn’t they have transferred to my new wallet? I have tried the couple suggestions I found online, such as making some small transactions from that address but so far the rewards are still the same.

Depends on the wallet app that you are using. In some, you need to explicitly withdraw rewards.

You probably also want to deregister your stake key to get back your 2 ADA deposit.

Both can be done in one transaction, but needs a small amount of ADA (1 or 2) in your old wallet to initiate the transaction.

I think everything is good now. It is showing 0 ADA unspent rewards., I am using Daedalus Wallet.

Ah, deregister isn’t available in Daedalus: https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus/issues/2367

If – for some reason – you only want to use Daedalus, it’s only 2 ADA.

How do you Deregister a stake key.

** edit
Well that’s pretty inconvenient. So other than losing 2 ada I should be safe to delete that wallet?
I can’t do the work around opening it in another wallet since my recovery key doesn’t work and not really worth the hassle for 2 ada.

You could import/restore the wallet with the seed phrase in another wallet app – Eternl, Typhon, even Yoroi – and do it there.

But, as said, it needs 2 ADA in the wallet to initiate the transaction, so net you would get 2 ADA minus three transaction fees (2 ADA into wallet, deregistration, everything back), which makes it hardly worth the effort.

That is my conclusion as well. Not worth the effort and would lose The 2 ada in transaction fee since Wallet is now empt. Thanks for your help.