How to undelegate on Yoroit

Hello friends,
I’m new to Cardano staking and this may seem dumb but I don’t see any button to click in order to undelegate my staked ADA. Any advice is appreciated.



When u press withdraw rewards u have an option called DEREGISTER
But keep in mind that the rewards are delayed by 2 epochs so if u will DEREGISTER the wallet u will lose the rewards for last 2 epochs

Thank you for the prompt reply Alex.
Would that be all to do?

All right. I’’ just delay my Deregistration for 2 epochs. Thank you for the advice Alex

Not working like this… if u will keep it registered also after 2 epochs u will receive rewards :))
If the rewards are not a concern u can detegister anytime; if u will want to receive all rewards I think u must create another wallet… move the funds to the new wallet (except 1 ADA for withdraw fees) wait for 2 epochs to receive all rewards in ur old wallet… then deregister the old wallet… then move back ADA to the old wallet

Well, I noticed the reward of 6 ADA about 10 days ago and chose Withdraw but Keep Registered. My staked balance did not increase by 6 ADA. Will those 6 ADA be added after two next epochs?

Well yes, inside yoroi u have availble funds (to spend) where the rewards are not included, rewards and total stake rewards included

PS: the rewards are added automatically to the total stake
The rewards are already inside ur wallet u should see a difference (before to withdraw) between funds available and total stake amount… which are the rewards

If u paste here one of ur wallet address u will be able to see the rewards per epoch
pooltool → rewards data for taxes