Question about Cardano staking on Yoroi

If I want to withdraw (deregister) my staking Cardano on Yoroi, it showing: “ATTENTION: You should NOT deregister if this staking key is used as a stake pool’s reward account, as this will cause all pool operator rewards to be sent back to the reserved.” What does this mean? Does this mean that even if I already been staking my Cardano for a long time and been receiving my reward for 10 months, but if I decide to withdraw(deregister) my Cardano staking key from staking pool on the 11th month, I will also lose the previous 10 months Cardano reward?? Thank you all whoever will answer this question.

Nope, the rewards are delayed with 2 epochs (in epoch 301 u received rewards for epoch 299) and if u will deregister the address now u will not receive the rewards for epoch 300 and 301 only

Best practice is to move the funds to another wallet/exchange but keep 1 ADA, wait 2 more epochs then deregister the stake address

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I see. So that withdraw “attention” notification mentioned: “rewards to be sent back to the reserved” means the “pool operator” will have this loss, not me, is that correct? Since I am not the pool operator (the “pool operator” I assume supposed to be the pool owner that who running the pool), and if I deregister the staking pool, I still able to keep all rewards that I already earned, is that correct? Thank you for your reply and advise by the way!

Yes, if u withdraw + deregister u will not lose the rewards received until now

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Got it! Thanks again.

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