Should i stay 'keep registered' for a staking pool on Yoroi wallet or is it safe to De-register? Im nervous about de-registering as i dont want to lose my awards

I have been staking for a pool [SEEDS] on Yoroi wallet but i have realised that i have not been receiving any rewards for sometime. I have been off my yoroi wallet account for sometime and realised that the rewards amount remained the same.

When i want to withdraw my rewards, a pop up appears, saying ‘Keep registered’ or ‘Deregister’. It also gives a warning that if you deregister you could lose your rewards and they would be delegated to the pool operator.

Can someone advise how to withdraw from the staking pool on Yoroi safely, so that i could also keep my rewards.


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If you want to use your rewards, you can simply use them without “claiming”.

You only need to deregister your staking key if you want to end your ADA staking and get back your 2 ADA deposit that was “locked” when you first delegated it.

However, there is no risk of losing your current rewards. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you will lose your future rewards if you deregister your staking key.


The SEED pool definitely looks misconfigured:
It has kept the same stake, but did not produce any blocks for six epochs. (I’d guess that they perhaps missed the last mandatory cardano-node update or something like that.)

You should probably just delegate to another pool. You can do that without withdrawing the rewards and without deregistering.

If you need to withdraw, before you can use ADA depends on the wallet app. Yoroi, unfortunately, cannot withdraw rewards automatically in normal transactions, but needs this explicit withdrawal. Better wallet apps can just withdraw rewards when it makes sense without wasting extra transaction fees.

Deregistering should only be done if you really want to stop using/delegating a wallet forever. Pending rewards (rewards for the three epochs for which your stake was already registered, but the rewards have not been paid now) will not be distributed anymore if you deregister. They do not go to the pool operator, though, but back to the reserve. In your case right now that would not be really relevant, since SEED is broken for more than three epochs.

Nevertheless, it is unnecessary, just delegate to a working pool.

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Thank you for your quick response! So for example if i de-registered my rewards from SEED pools right now, does that mean that i will no longer be gaining rewards from SEED pools only or does that mean that i will no longer receive rewards from other pools that i delegated to?

What i want to do is to withdraw the initial amount of ADA that i staked, also withdraw my rewards. For example, total ADA 1000, reward 120. I want to know if its possible to take out 1120ADA and delegate the 1120ADA to an another pool. Would that be possible to complete without losing any ADA throughout the process?

Throughout this withdrawal process, i would like to withdraw the initial amount that i delegated as well as taking my rewards at the same For instance, i delegated 1000ADA, rewards at 120ADA. What i want to do is to withdraw 1120ADA and stake that to an another pool. Would that be possible?

You don’t need to withdraw the ADA that you staked. They never left your account/wallet. Staking on Cardano is just a registration on the chain. The ADA do not move.

And you do not need to withdraw rewards before switching pools. You only need to withdraw ADA if you want to use them. You also won’t lose them by deregistering (or, more specifically, the chain would not let you deregister without also withdrawing the rewards). The only thing you can lose by deregistering are the rewards for the last three pending epochs (irrespective if they come from the same pool or three different pools).

But deregistering is just not necesssary except if you want to stop completely.

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Don’t do anything with withdrawal or even deregistering!

Just go to the staking tab, choose a new pool, and delegate to it!

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