Withdrawing and de-register wallet - Yoroi extension - Deregister button unavailable

Hi, using Yoroi wallet, extension in Brave browser.

I wish to withdraw rewards, stop staking (de-register wallet) and send all funds to an exchange.

I have greater than 1 ADA in wallet. In Dashboard I select Withdraw rewards button. I get the popup window explaining about Deregistering the staking key. Since that is what I wish to do, I attempt to click on DEREGISTER button. But the button is ‘grayed out’ and not responsive.

How can I withdraw rewards and deregister please?

Did u checked “I understand” box first?


yeah probably didn’t see the box can be scrolled : )

Ah! you are correct, I didn’t realise I needed to scroll down to get to a check box. :smiley:

Thanks guys

Btw, you don’t need to de-register in the first place. You can withdraw all your ADA without de-registering. The only amount left are the 2 ADA for staking. If you decide to invest in ADA again you won’t have to pay the transaction fee for a staking certificate and your money will be automatically staked without further action.

okay thanks for that info.