Question - De-Registering your staking key

So I’m fairly new to staking. Using Yoroi, I have been staking ADA in one pool and earned some little reward. Today I decided to delegate and stake to another pool. When I begin to Withdraw my little reward I get this pop up about De-registering my staking key. Is this necessary?
Thanks in advance.

If u will want to redelegate… just go to delegation center and choose for another pool

when u will withdraw the rewards check the box “KEEP REGISTERED” and “DEREGISTER” if u will not to delegate anymore (u will deregister the stake address and u will receive back 2 ADA paid for registering the stake address)

Thanks @Alexd1985 that is what I thought. The rewards are so small right now it’s not worth claiming so I will just claim at a much later date and not deregister.

ExCtly, withdraw only when it is necessary because u will pay a fee each time :wink: