Ho do I UNdelegate?

I just joined the delegation pool but don’t see stop delegation button. Do i have to wait for epoch to finish?
is it withdraw button where I can deregister the staking key? is it the same as stop delegation? Will I loose my previous rewards ? THnaks

Just search for an other pool, select it and delegate… goodluck

Thanks. And what if I dont want to and just want all my ada back to my wallet?

Maybe this helps you

Your ada is in your wallet, you can use them as normal. They never went anywhere, if they are not in your wallet, you didn’t delegate you sent them somewhere

Thank you. So if i delegate 1000 ADA and later send 500 ADA to someone I will automatically get half of the rewards next epoch?

Not exactly next epoch… for example the reward for epoch 237 will be paid in epoch 239 . If you will send 500 ADA from ur wallet in epoch 238 will receive full rewards and starting with epoch 241 you will get half

THank you! I thought once you delegate you cannot send your ada to anyone

Another question to the same topic: What if I simply want to quit delegation? The reason may be tax prevention.

What wallet are u using?

I use Yoroi with my Ledger Nano

Go to the “delegation dashboard” look for the “withdraw” tab Click “withdraw” then select “deregister” after checking the " I understand" this completely de-registers your staking address and transfers your rewards to your wallet at the same time. You only do this when you no longer want to stake from this wallet.

Thank you very much.

Is there a way I can undelegate my wallet on Daedalus using a Ledger Nano S?

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I don’t know if it’s still valid this option but you can check in daedalus, to delegation center and you should see an option


and then:


you should see:


but I don’t know if this option is still valid in the new daedalus version… as I know the only for the moment is to create another wallet and send your money to it… you can also open a ticket to IOHK

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately this is not available in the latest Daedalus version. Is there maybe another possibility to undelegate?

Thanks in advance!

I think the only way to undelegate is to create another wallet and move your ADA to the new wallet

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Yoroi has an undelegate option. If you just move your ada your wallet will still have a registered staking key and still earn small amounts of ada

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I am using yoroi mobile app and I can’t find any undelegate option… the withdraw button is not active… anymore…

The withdraw button should be available, not sure why it isn’t for you. That’s also how you de register the wallets staking key

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