Daedalus undelegate from pool / pledge question

Was curious if anyone knows how to undelgate to a stake pool in the latest Daedalus?

my scenario is I delegated to a pool but now I want to undelgate so I can use the ada for the pledge for my own stake pool?

Do i have to wait an epoch before I can use my ada for my pool?

just a bit confused on how it all works…

just joined the forum today, so much great information here!

There is no option to undelegate. Your ada arent locked and you can use them at any time. The only way to “undelegate” your ada would be if you create a new wallet and send them over.


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thanks. so if I make a new wallet, move half my ada over from the staked wallet, that can work as my pledge the other half would continue to be staked to the original pool I chose?

If I moved it all over to a new wallet then i’m basically staking nothing?

sorry if these are silly questions but i’m just getting started…

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You dont have to be sorry :slight_smile:

Yes exactly. If you send 50% of your current stake to a new wallet, you will remain staking with the other 50% of your stake to the pool you choosed.