Undelegate - stop delegation - empty wallet

When I originally delegated I paid a ~2 ada fee to do so.

Was this a deposit that I get back when I’m no longer delegating?

I have unredeemed rewards. If I empty my wallet, where do those rewards end up? Do they just appear in my wallet after the following epoch?

I emptied my wallet - showing 0 balance, but it still shows me delegated to a pool. How do I undelegate?

If using Daedalus, you can click the undelegate button and that should return your 2 ADA delegation deposit.
If you have rewards that are pending, you should see them in your wallet when they are distributed even if you’ve withdrawn or moved your original stake.

Hope this helps.

There is an undelegate button in daedalus?

There was an “undelegate button”. But it has been removed. (as far as I know only temporarily.)

In most of the cases delegating to another pool is the better option. The only reason one would want to undelegate is if you are moving ada to a new wallet and want to cash out your 2 ada deposit.

I want to move all my funds to pledge my own stake pool, not delegate. I’m stuck in a circuit. I receive rewards from 2 epochs ago. And immediately send them out, but they are already captured in the snapshot. Then next epoch move those rewards out, but I can’t before they are captured in the snapshot, …

Rewards from rewards for one epoch are surely tiny amounts…?

You’ll have to keep doing this until the rewards are rounded to zero. The use yoroi to undelegate and get your 2 Ada deposit back. Currently it seems like there is no other way. Don’t undelegate if you still have rewards coming as they will go to the treasury then. Trust me, I had to learn that the hard way :wink:


I’m using Yoroi in conjunction with my Ledger to stake. I want to move all my ADA to a new wallet on a new Ledger. Do I need to undelegate first and then send them? If so, I don’t see a way to undelegate in Yoroi. Or can I just send the funds to my new receive address and they remain staked?

I’ve only been in a stake pool for maybe 10 days so I don’t care about the rewards like OP, they can’t be more than $1. I just want to move wallet funds and don’t know the procedure.


If you don’t care about the rewards go to the dashboard in Yoroi. In the middle is link that says withdraw rewards. In the following prompt check remove staking key (or something similar to this). You’ll get your deposit back and afterwards you can send all your funds to a new wallet.
You could also just send them to the new wallet, no need to undelegate, but you won’t get your 20 cent deposit back, however it helps keeping the blockchain nice and tidy :wink:

Either way you’ll have to redelegate your funds from your new wallet. Delegation is always connected to a particular wallet.

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Thanks, very helpful. I’ll just move them and keep everything tidy, then redelegate.