Unstake a pool yoroi wallet

Hi very new to all this my question is
If i stake at the first epoch and thats the validation
Then 20 days later i get the first rewards i can not
Unstake in this period of 20 days or is it after the second epoch has finished only reason is i sent more ada to the same wallet that is already staked not
Realising that i cant stake the amont i sent to a differnt
Pool from the same wallet and also wont let me send the amount out of that wallet into a new
Appreciate the help thank you



You can redelegate your ada anytime; if u already delegated (and understood u sent another amount to the same wallet which has been added auto to the delegation process) ,because the multi delegation (one wallet to multi pool) is not released yet, the only solution for u is to create another wallet, send ada to that wallet and delegate to another pool


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Thanks so i set up the second wallet and it wont let me unstake when i press that button because i presumed
That once i undelaegate from the pool i would then have send options thats why i was thing i maybe had to
Wait till this epoch had finish but from what ur sayingi
Can exit any time but the button does nothing thanks for the quick reply

But u don’t need to press unstake, just send ada to the new wallet and it will undelegate auto

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Now i get it thanks alot

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Alexd sorry to bother you again bit lets just say if i staked 2000 then sent 1000 to the other wallet will the 1000 left in the original wallet stay staked if you dont remove the whole amount

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Yes, that remark is true, because I don’t know how to say it… u delegate the wallet address not the amount of ADA

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Too easy once again thanks