Withdraw a portion of delegation without having to unstake whole delegation

It may have been answered elsewhere (couldn’t find) but can you withdraw/transfer a portion of your delegated stake without having to undelegate your whole stake? For example, say I have 50,000 ADA staked to a certain pool and want to sell 10,000 ADA. Can I transfer the 10K ADA to an exchange to sell and leave the remaining 40K ADA staked or do I have to unstake the whole delegation first and then re-stake the 40K ADA after withdrawing the 10K ADA?

You can just withdraw 10k from your main wallet without unstaking the rest of that wallet.


And you don’t need to ‘withdraw’ anything, just send ada away from the wallet. The wallet is staked, so any ada in the wallet is also staked, none of it is locked, so you can send any amount away from the wallet when ever you like.

Edit: I mentioned this as there is a withdraw feature for the rewards


Thanks for clearing that up!

Thanks. I appreciate the reply.

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