Taking ADA out of wallet while staking

I’d like to move some of my coins out of a Daedalus wallet that is currently being delegated for stake – is there anything extra that I need to do to move the coins out of there, or do I just send them as normal?

I can tell you how it’s done in Yoroi, which is the wallet I use.

If you want to transact your stake partially nothing needs to be done, except the transaction itself.

To move the entire stake you must first withdraw the rewards, and than you are good to go. That’s all.


Do it like a normal transaction… when u delegated u not delegated the amount of ADA , u delegated the wallet address and in this case the rest of ADA will remaining delegated


you should move your coins right after the snapshot is done. Then you will also receive more rewards!

Keep staking!


Thanks, I’m moving 100% of the coins out – does that change anything?

Then, as Johann mentioned, first claim your rewards…but it is possible to still receive rewards 2 epochs from now if the pool created blocks, and if u will want to withdraw them you will need few ada for paying the fee

Yeah, I would integrate some kind of warning dialog box when moving all funds from teh wallet that is still expecting some rewards in the following epochs. Like:

Do you really want move out all funds from this wallet? 
As, your wallet will still receive rewards for two epochs.
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Hello Cardano Forum, I am new here and I need help. Two days ago, I sold Cardano for Usdt but the transfer is yet to appear on usdt wallet on binance while the sold cardano is still counting but not available on usdt. . Can I still get my coin back, and how long will it take me because it has never happened to me before. Thanks


Perhaps ada operations were suspended due to Mary hard fork?


Thanks for your prompt response. You guys are good.
But I did the transfer before Mary’s event. Just want to know if I can still get my coin back on usdt wallet and how long. Thanks

U will need to contact binace support team; I have same issue but on another exchange… didn’t received my ada from yoroi but the transfer is confirmed- but cardano wallet is still under maintenance

Thanks. How do I contact binance support team. I am a novice. Please help get me needed information to reach them.


Thanks. Hope to meet nice one again.

when more exactly? I just received my ADA in litebit wallet once they finish the mary upgrade

two days ado

Exactly; be patient till the exchange will resume the deposits/withdraws

Hello Forum, is Ada Cardano still on maintenance on Binance. I have not received my transfer to usdt since almost six days now. Will Ada return my money back to USDT wallet?

From where to where did u sent ADA?
From your wallet to binance wallet?


I sold Ada Cardano for usdt on the same binance. The Ada is still counting without transfer to usdt same binance. Let me give you the break down on binance account.
Total balance:30.97570000 ADA
In order: 30.90000000 ADA
Available Balance: 0.07570000 ADA
There is no transfer coin in usdt which the coin was sold for.