Moving all funds, what's the best strategy?

I want to move my funds to a new wallet because I have a hardware wallet now. I’d like to ask what’s the best way to do this.

My idea is to do this at the beginning of an epoch, then stake the balance from the new wallet, then wait 3 epochs for the old staking rewards, then unstake to get the deposit back (this has to be done from Yoroi because Daedalus has no “unstake” feature anymore…?), and then move the remainder to the new wallet.

Is this the proper way to do this?


You can do it anytime, doing at the beginning of an epoch, at the middle or at the end, will have the same result.

First you have to click on withdraw and de-register from the pool (you will still receive rewards for two epochs)
Connect your ledger to yoroi; move ADA from yoroi wallet to ledger.
After all your funds are on ledger u can delegate again.

PS: if u are doing this in DAEDALUS ur ADA will be automatically un-delegated after you will move your ADA to the ledger wallet.


Marvellous, Alex. Thank you!

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By the way Alex, does this return the 2 ADA deposit?

Yes, 2 ADA should be returned to you once you undelegated

Great. Thanks again.