Need help!- Questions with transferring staked ADA from one staked wallet to another staked wallet

So, still wrapping my head around the details of this process. My previously staked wallet was a software wallet in Daedalus; I decided to move my ADA balance to a hardware wallet - still within Daedalus. Put a few ADA in the hardware wallet a couple of weeks ago to confirm that staking was set up properly and rewards were coming in. Here’s my setup:

  • currently using daedalus wallet only
  • both the software wallet and hardware wallet have been staking for at least 4 epochs and are generating rewards
  • both wallets are staked to the same pool

So today, I moved my entire balance from the software wallet to the hardware wallet. Showing a zero balance now in the software wallet. My questions are:

  • What about the remaining 3 epochs of rewards I’m supposed to get to the original software wallet (hoping I won’t/didn’t lose them)? Will they still dump into the original wallet over the course of the next 15-20 days since I dropped to a zero balance? I know I had to have a minimum of 10 ADA in the wallet in order to start staking, but is that still a requirement in order to get the last 3 epochs of payment? If it is, then I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around the concept of emptying out a wallet completely. Because if I keep 10 in there, I’ll still be generating rewards on future epochs – a never-ending loop. Do I still have time to add ADA back to this software wallet, if needed, to collect my final rewards? I know there are about 3 days before the end of this current epoch. (When exactly do these snapshots of the epochs take place?)

My thought process was: don’t touch the original software wallet (with zero ADA balance) for the next 15-20 days. Let the remaining rewards come through. Then, send one ADA to the software wallet in order to pay for some final transaction fees. Which brings me to my next question:

  • Is there a way to get my 2ADA staking fee back just using Daedalus? Or is it absolutely necessary for me to install Yoroi to do that? A part of me is ok with just leaving the 2ADA fee linked to my software wallet, BUT, tbh, I don’t know if it will actually stay linked to it.

  • Does the fact that I now have a zero balance in the staking wallet mean that the 2ADA automatically gets unlinked and sent to the Treasury? Or will it remain linked until I physically make a request for it (i.e. removing staking key)?

If I can get my 2ADA fee back to that original wallet, my thought process was to then make a final withdrawal of all remaining ADA (final rewards + staking fee) from that wallet and transfer to my hardware wallet.

Am I missing something? Or overcomplicating this process?


I think there is no option to get back the deposit of the stake address… so the sake address will remain linked to software wallet address and the balance will be 0.
if you get the final rewards those will be added to the delegation only in the following epoch, so you can withdraw it without entering into a never-ending loop.


Just turned out that it is possible to deregister your stake key from the system to get back the stake deposit.
you need to use command line tool - cardano-cli
and the command is to create the certificate:

cardano-cli stake-address deregistration-certificate --stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey --out-file deregistration.cert

then a transaction should be submitted with that certificate…

There is another more comfortable way. Recreate your sw wallet in Yoroi using recovery phrase. Then stop delegating and confirm deregister staking key.

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