How do I undelegate?

Quick question. I recently purchased a ledger wallet and decided to transfer my ADA from my Daedalus wallet to my ledger X that’s connected to Daedalus. I now have two wallets in Daedalus. My original wallet has a balance of 0 ADA but is still staking. How do I stop staking with my original wallet? Were my original 2 ADA returned when I transfered the ADA to the other wallet? It still shows I’m staking with the original wallet. How do I undeligate the original?

You need to unregister your staking address, but not before the rewards from epoch N-2 have come in.

Install yoroi browser app, restore the old daedalus wallet into yoroi then go and press withdraw button and select deregister the stake address… u will receive back the 2 ADA paid for registering the stake address

PS: u need to have rewards available for withdraw and ~0,2 ADA for transaction fee

Is there any video to do the complete process? Thanks

Which wallet are u using?

Daedalus original wallet only

You will need to download and install yoroi app for browser (from official sources)

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore wallet and use the 24 seed words from daedalus
  • go to delegation center and press withdraw ( choose deregister the stake address), enter the spending password and that’s it

Remember that the rewards are delayed with 2 epochs so if u will deregister in epoch N u will not receive rewards for the last 2 epochs

Best practice is to move all funds (if this your intention) but keep 1 ADA in the wallet, wait more 2 epochs to receive the rewards then deregister the stake address


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Thanks a lot! This is what I need!

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