Decommissioning a staked wallet

I have a couple of wallets in Daedalus that are staked. I’ve moved all but about 10 ADA out of them. Now I want to move the final ADA out to another staked walled and then delete these wallets. I’m not sure how to do this?

These wallets are staked and I’m moving the ADA to another wallet that is staked to the same pool. It would seem to me I could just send the total 10 ADA to the other wallet?

What’s confusing me is the suggestion to keep 1 or 2 ADA in the wallet for 2 epochs. Also I’m seeing something about staking keys?



The rewards are delayed with 2 epochs so the best way to undelegate a wallet is to move all funds to another wallet (except 1 ADA), wait another 2 epochs to receive all rewards, then withdraw the rewards + deregister the stake address to receive back 2ADA paid for registering the stake address then move the funds.

PS: I think in daedalus there is no option for deregister the stake address but u can restore the wallet on yoroi or to perform these operations