Really need some support w/ Daedalus

Hi there, I staked a good amount of Ada with the HodlA stake pool (seemed like a good one) and a couple epochs have passed and I haven’t received any staking rewards. I also can’t see where the option is to undelegate to send some Ada to a different wallet.

Thank you so much for your help, this means a lot to me.

Hey @AlecB

It seems the pool you mentioned is fully operational and working as intended, so it makes no sense that you dont get any rewards. Maybe you could provide us with one of your receiving addresses (you can also send it via DM).

You cant undelegate via Daedalus since your tokens arent locked anyway. If you want to send your tokens you can simply do that.

Also i would recommand you to use another wallet like Typhon or Eternl which arent full node wallets. Daedalus isnt really practical for daily usage.

If you maybe meant delegating to a different pool, that is a matter of selecting another pool.

Did you wait long enough for the rewards, at which epocj did the delegation happen?

  • Epoch 1: Adding ADA to delegation, pool change, etc…
  • Epoch 2: Snapshot of delegation and pool at end of E1
  • Epoch 3: Minting blocks based on snapshot from E2
  • Epoch 4: Calculating rewards based on minted blocks in E3
  • Epoch 5: Rewards distribution
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perhaps dadealus not syncing so… you can check the rewards received for wallet on → REWARDS DATA FOR TAXES and paste the address there… you can find all rewards received by each epoch