Ho do I UNdelegate?

maybe I used that option when I withdraw-ed my rewards… I know it was active but since then is not anymore; maybe if I will change the pool will be again available… good to know… thx

I have the same problem, option undelegate is not visible, redelegate only possible, so what to do in case I do not wont to redelegate but just undelegate my ADA ?

What wallet do you use? Daedalus doesn’t have an undelegate option.

Yoroi has via the the withdraw option.

The only time you would want to undelegate your wallet is if you never want to use it again.

Otherwise just send and receive tokens as normal

I am using Daedalus wallet. I would like to undelegate coins and use them as pledge for own pool

U don’t need to undelegate (anyway it is not possible in daedalus only if u move the ada to a new wallet)… send to ur pool and will be undelegated automatically


ok, thank you for your help

Hello Guys :v:t3:

I’m new in the Ada community and i have a Problem undelegeting mit ledger with daedalus. I put my ada in another wallet but id like to use my ledger again with daedalus. But if i send the coins back they will automaticly be redelegated.

How can i use my ledger again with daedalus without Delegating it again?
Do i need to reset the ledger or something like that? :grimacing:

Sorry guys for the noob questions :confused: appreciate you all!!!

Connect ur ledger with yoroi first and press withdraw and deregister ur key


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Thanks a lot :pray::pray::pray:

But, I think u will never can delegate with that address;
U will want to not delegate anymore, or just to change the pool?


I wont delegate again because of the Tax Situation in my Country (Germany)
I didnt inform well enoguh before :sweat_smile:

So i guess there is no other way than using yoroi or ada Lite to reset the ledger ada key? And will it impact on my other assets on the ledger? Sorry im very new in the crypto space :grimacing:

Thanks a lot :pray::pray::pray:

On yoroi u will take action only for cardano wallet!

Thanks a lot, im gonna try it out :pray:

When I got my ledger I transferred all ada from my warm yoroi wallet to the new ledger cold wallet, resulting in 2 ada locked in my warm wallet and no way to withdraw. The withdraw button is grayed out.

I’m probably a bit hasty as I haven’t gotten any rewards on the warm wallet yet. Perhaps the withdraw button (and undelegate function) works after that.

I transferred 10 ada back to the warm wallet to see if that would unlock the withdraw button, but no luck yet.

Next step; wait for current epoch to end to see how rewards affect the withdraw button.

Do u have any rewards to withdraw or it is showing 0 rewards?

For the ledger… it was a new wallet so u must wait again 4 epochs till the first reward

Today, when the epoch ended, I got the first reward and the withdraw button was enabled. I was able to undelegate and get the 2 Ada back. It would probably have worked if I hadn’t transferred the 10 Ada there too.

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