Output and Transaction Fee

I staked or delegated my ADA and when I look at the transaction ID it says all of my larger amount of ADA as output, and the smaller amount is 0.174433 ADA transaction fee. When I look at Daedalus it says that I sent 2.17443 ADA.

I just wanted to make sure I didn’t send all of my ADA to the guy at the address. I guess I’m confused about all of this. Can anyone reassure me I didn’t make a big mistake?



Hi, yeap i noticed that regarding the charges quoted and what was actually taken, i’ve emailed support to clarify, no rush although think needs clarification.

Don’t worry about sending all your ADA if your in the delegating part of wallet, all your actually doing is delegating to their pool.

Just don’t ever send ADA to anyone unless your spending it (i.e. gone forever)

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Hello @Apple1,
you delegated through the UI of Daedalus? You didn’t send it to an address, right?

Delegation is a special transaction, the fees are higher than a normal transaction. Something like 2 ada could be the case (in testnet I believe it was 0.8 ada) with the smaller amount of the 0.17 you will end up with 2.17 ada as the transaction fee.


This explains it.

Although, it would be better if the actual amount of the fee will be shown before the delegation actually happens.

It should also be shown in the transaction details stored in the blockchain. Right now, the amount shown in Daedalus transaction history is different from the one we see in the chain explorer.


I read somewhere, the 2 ADA is not actually transaction fee but something else, don’t remember what, or where I read it!

It is a 2 ada deposit for saving the delegation certificate on-chain. (I agree the wallet should communicate this better up front)


Okay thank you so much!

Thanks for adding the photos, it helps out a lot. I dont think I messed up to much than.

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Yep all good, i sent this to support
The quoted fee for staking on the transaction page was quoted as 0.174433 ADA
Can we check the fee deduction is working correctly, it seems a bit misleading to quote a transaction fee of 0.174433 then actually deduct 2.174433

The response supports the replies above

Thank you for contacting the IOHK Technical Service Desk.

The 2 Ada you talk about,

those are the KeyDeposit required by the protocol to register you stake key. you can find it in the shelley genesis file under KeyDeposit https://hydra.iohk.io/build/3670619/download/1/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json

You get back the 2 Ada when you undelegate your Ada.

I hope this clarifies things a bit, let me know if you have further questions.


I see. Thanks for clarifying! This definitely helps.

I didn’t send anything to an address, I just clicked on a stake pool and went through the delegation prompts is all.


You should definitely add a note that delegation transaction take additional 2 ADA fee! I saw 0,17 and made a few delegations… If I know that every transaction will take additional 2 ADA I would make ONE big delegation not a few smaller ones to different pools…

Just a moment ago I did update Daedalus wallet and there is still absolutely NO info about bigger fee when delegating - not even a clue. This is simply wrong and should be fixed ASAP.


"That 2 ADA is the KeyDeposit required to register you stake address on the blockchain.

You can find KeyDeposit parameter in the Shelley genesis file, here: https://hydra.iohk.io/build/3670619/download/1/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json

You will get that 2 Ada back when and if you UNDELEGATE your wallet."

So if you will get back the ‘deposit’ ADA, it is much more pleasant approach, but still there should be info - how does it work and that the fee is actually bigger (and maybe cause of…).