Transaction occurred when delegating

Hey guys, I was delegating my ADA to a pool and the fee stated 0.17ish. After I delegated, a 2.17 ADA transaction showed up. Is this normal?

That happened to me too. I also looked at the transaction ID and it has all my ADA as the output and 0.174433 ADA transaction fee. When I look at Daedalus I sent 2.17443 ADA. My larger amount of ADA is there for now, but it has me worried TBH.

I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow and all my ADA is gone! Nobody is replying to my other post about this.


Someone got this response:

Thank you for contacting the IOHK Technical Service Desk.

That 2 ADA is the KeyDeposit required to register you stake address on the blockchain. You can find KeyDeposit parameter in the Shelley genesis file, here:

You will get that 2 Ada back when and if you UNDELEGATE your wallet.

The IOHK Technical Service Desk

They need to add an explanation on Daedalus so that people don’t get spooked.


Thanks for posting @necropuddi! I was curious about this as well because the 2 ADA didn’t appear to be listed as a transaction fee on the cardano explorer so I had no idea where it went!

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Glad to help. We’re all in this one together =)


thank you for answers! I also wondered what happend, great help :slight_smile:

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