Staking Costs 2 ADA - Where does it go?

So, I just staked some Ada to a pool and paid a 2 ADA fee. It

I see this on Etherscan:

So, I paid a transaction fee. Who gets the transaction fee?
Who gets the 2 ADA that I staked with?

2 ADA is a register key deposit.
You get it back when you undelegate. This is a deposit to ensure that the fee can be paid when reclaiming rewards to a 0 ADA wallet. It can happen if you stake and then empty the wallet before reclaiming your rewards.


I’ve just checked in Daedalus, and there is no option to “un-delegate” a wallet, you can only re-delegate it which will not charge you an additional 2 ADA, as it is done when you register a key for the first time. But it seems quitting or “un-delegating” from the stake pool via Daedalus UI is currently impossible. It is possible only via cardano-wallet CLI. Or am I missing something?