Introducing [SEAL]: 0% margin, minimal cost, dedicated HW, supporting animal shelters


I am working in IT basically whole my life. I have a cluster of physical servers running in a datacentre in central Europe that run both some business and hobby related stuff (gaming servers). I learned about cardano not so long ago, but I absolutely love its design and principles, and of all the cryptocurrencies I was ever involved with, I find it most fullfiling.

I think cardano has great potential to make this world better and I want to help it do that, for that reason me and my friend decided to launch our own staking pool using the servers I already have.

I think that 340 ADA per epoch is already incredibly high fee for such a simple job as running a pool, so I decided to set the margin to 0% and fixed costs are 340 - just because I can’t make it lower. In order to use these money for something this world could benefit of, I decided we will donate 10% of these pool profits to various animal shelters and sanctuaries all around the world. I already donated some money myself to Fokarium in Poland, Hel, because I really love seals myself (not only they are fat like me, but they are also very cute). I will keep updating our website with a list of shelters, zoos and animals we supported over the time.

I won’t lie to you, our pool is quite new, haven’t made any block so far and I know that pledge 1k ADA is not very high, but it’s an honest work :wink: and I will keep increasing it over time (I discovered cardano when ADA was already almost $1 so even 1k wasn’t so easy for me).

  • Ticker: [SEAL] / pledge 1k / 340 fixed cost / 0% fee
  • Website:
  • Contact:
  • Pool id: 7d59eb08203e86f74d3011c7e967ed50fbd0954001eab1cb00b69422
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
  • Pool infrastructure: 3 dedicated SuperMicro servers in HA cluster using XCP-ng as hypervisor and CEPH as distributed underlying storage, housed in datacentre, with backup power supply and 1Gbps redundand network
  • Pool redundancy: 3 physical servers in HA cluster, with automatic failover, distributed storage (fully redundant), backup power supply (UPS + diesel generator)
  • Operator experience: Over 10 years professional experience in IT (DevOps / programmer / linux expert)
  • Why should users check out your pool? Because unlike many other pools hosted in cloud, it runs on physical servers owned by pool operator, in Europe, so should US government ever decide to outlaw Cardano and Microsoft or Amazon subsequently shut down all cardano nodes (just as they did with Parler for example), this node will be still holding the network up. We also donate 10% of pool profits to animal shelters, and we have minimal possible pool fees.