Introducing CITTA Stream [CITTA] : Support decentralization and children education in Southeast Asia

Hi everyone. I’m a guy from Thailand. Basically I was a graphic designer (20+ years ago) who was interested in technology. 3 years ago I fell in love with blockchain technology and know Cardano ADA. Now It’s time for me to join the community in some way rather than just staking ADA in my wallet. So I’ve made the decision to create a stake pool after I spent 1-2 days studying. I think it’s not over my capacity to run a node since I have experience setting up ad servers for my company about a decade ago. Currently I also have my VPS running some of my websites. And with my faith of decentralization - I must join.

The name of the pool comes from CITTA aka mind. In Buddhism mind will be generated every second and they will flow out from the core (genesis node - a core mind of a person) which looks like flow. I think it similar to blockchain and It have good meaning “If you know your CITTA, you will be enlightened”

Ticker: [CITTA]
Pledge: 100 ADA
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Variable Fee: 2%
Contact: Telegram & Twitter @ake117
Pool ID: ae0caca13e7273a4c31a1f933efa129685c375e078fe8561275808fd
Location: Thailand
Pool infrastructure : 2 vCPUs, 8 GB memory 60GB HDD / Ubuntu server / on Google Cloud Engine (Singapore DC).
Operator: I have experience setting up ad servers for my company about a decade ago. Currently I operate my VPS running 4-5 websites (Digital Ocean)

  • Frankly I’m not an IT professional but I’m confident I have enough skill to do SPO.
  • I have also donated for Children education with UNICEF for more than 3 years. By being a stake operator I wish I will earn some ADA enough to increase my donation to those children - I think education is the basic of better living. Starting from 10% of revenue and will be adjusted along the result of staking.
  • Since it’s the starting stage of my pool - just 4 days after I finished the setup. I think there are many things to improve my node setting. I will do it regularly.

(Sorry for my English)


There are some change recently

  • Reduced fee from 2% to 0%
  • Increase pledge from 100 to 600 ADA
  • Separate node from single machine to 1 for block producer and another 1 for relay. Both are 2vCPUs, 4 GB memory 40GB HDD