Introducing OTAKU stake pool A fun but serious stake pool

Hello my name is Jovany, I am the operator of Otaku Pool. When I discovered the world of cryptocurrencies Cardano was the project that had my full attention from the beginning, I liked the way they would build cardano, using the power of science, something I did not see in other projects. Since that time I have been supporting it, that is how in 2019 with the launch of the incentivized test network (ITN) I decided to contribute to this great project.

I decided to create a fun-themed pool to contribute to the diversity that cardano must have as a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Ticker: OTAKU
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 2%
Pool ID: 77ff160eacd3e99e84b70c9216f698965004da4b3dc628dac60cd290
Infrastructure: Google cloud and Upcloud services, with four relays. our nodes are in finland and new york.

We run a stake pool because we believe in the project and in its decentralization, in the inclusion of people in the financial world through new technologies. in addition to giving it a fun touch but still being safe and serious.

How to contact us

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