Introducing stake pool (OTAKU)

Hello everyone I am Aldo, and I am running a stakepool in Mexico from the first days. OTAKU was born from the idea of ​​a flashy and fun anime-inspired pool (I don’t know why I don’t call it ANIME) but that doesn’t mean I don’t seriously work to keep it running.
I want to contribute to the community of cardano, I think it is a good project and I really believe that Cardano can work, from the first moment I read how it was being built I loved it, being a student of engineering in computer science
and that’s why i decided to believe this pool that has kept working. With the small number of delegates in two months, I have only been
granted to produce a block, there was no problem and it propagated properly.
it is running on ubuntu server 18.08 LTS. Ryzen 7 2700 16GB ram
I am constantly monitoring him to see if everything is in order
Ticker: OTAKU
Pool ID: 416880cb2877b4f5410b0b7c9765da271c8a6dd224b011e64ee3986a0abd2c2d

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