Hi from Austria :-)

Hi Cardano Community,

as the forum suggests it, i want to introduce my self shortly.

My name is Martin, and i’am running a StakePool here in beautiful Austria. I’am into cardano since the ATH in 2016/2017, so i saw all the Up and Down of ADA. But i truely believe in this community, thats the reason i also started to run a StakePool.

A few facts about that, it is running on Debian10, I9-9900K, 64GB Ram, Hyper-V Server, 24/7. Monitored, secured, Backup available if the Main system shows any issues.

Located in Austria, you know that country from places like Hallstatt, Vienna or Salzburg. Or have you heard from a guy called Mozart? :slight_smile:

Ticker: ATADA
Name: Austria StakePool 1
Pool-ID: 79fc991bd21435de467e794a74780b25ddcb972c9fffdb024dc8060b8f431527

I wanna thank the whole cardano community for there work so far, i hope i can contribute in any way in the future. My oppinion is, that cardano with all the academic approach behind it is going to rule the crypto world like no other platform before. Especially with all the thoughts about the good things that can be done with cardano in developing countries.

Would be nice if some of you delegate some ADA to this small Pool to give it a change in the system. The Pools should be distributed all around the world evenly in a true decentralized way.

Thank you very much and best regards from Austria,



Welcome onboard

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Thanks @DAPP360_MIKE, where are you from?

Hello Martin.

Thank you for the introduction and your contributions so far. Greatly appreciate your interest and efforts!