Yet another stake pool [ARCH]

Hi Everyone,

:rocket: We are introducing the ARCH stake pool.

We are two software engineers based in Europe but originally from Patagonia, Argentina.

With 20+ years of combined experience in the field, mainly in Backend & DevOps, we look forward to contributing to the cardano community & crypto future. We chose Cardano as our starting point due to its amazing community, thought-out design and clear roadmap. We believe in blockchain’s core value and it makes us sad to see “Binance Pool 72”, we are trying to fight that.

Summary about the pool:

  • Hosted in Germany
  • 0% fee with minimum fixed costs
  • 24/7 monitoring with the help of DataDog, Sentry and custom scripts for checking node health. Databases are persisted in external volumes with automatic backups and custom integrity checks.

What is next for the pool

  • Getting enough stake to mint our first block on the mainnet (we are far from there atm)
  • Deploying relays in Argentina (we would like to see more relays in the southern hemisphere)
  • Improve the website by adding custom live metrics and not just using the data from adapools or pooltool
  • Transform our internal tools into open source projects, to give back to the community.
  • Add delegator’s dashboard with wallet login. Dashboard will have all the insights delegators need (epoch data, expected returns, historical data)
  • Marketing (SEO, paid ads and patron on adapools)

Thanks for reading. Please support small pools, maybe we didn’t enter in the cardano ecosystem early enough to accumulate a big stake so we are going to be devoted to each of our delegators and giving them 24/7 support

Feel free to contact us on the telegram channel or at our email ( All suggestions are welcomed.

ticker is ARCH


telegram: archpool

pool id: pool1x80vcdzgw07fd0vcerlf0vpws6n22wr7avvxrn2q3a5muu6t27c