[LIBRE] New Stake Pool Operator - Mission Driven Pools

Hi Everyone!

New Stake Pool Operator from Ireland with long-term project.

Ticker : LIBRE ([LIBRE] Cardano Libre )
Pledge : 30k
Fixed Fee : 340
Variable Fee : 1%
Website : https://cardanolibre.com
Location : Spain / Ireland / Germany / France / Finland / UK

Team configuration: Mix of SRE and Devops skills with strong GNU/Linux backgrounds.


1 month running the pool (previously VERDE, now LIBRE). Completely oriented to Charity in Spanish speaking countries. 68 delegators and 150K Live Stake. Pledge 30K.

I think I am having certain success promoting this pool and also educating delegators but it seems not enough to retain them because lack of block producing. Still less than 10% of probability to produce a block.

Any business angel who can delegate some ADAs to pool LIBRE to help me to produce a block ASAP please?