Introducing STORK - a mission driven stake pool

Hi all,

I am Venne the SPO from STORK pool. Over the last month I have been expanding my knowledge about the technical side of Cardano and did a lot of testing on the Testnet. I am very proud that as of last Sunday we launched our mission driven pool on the mainnet!

First of all I like to thank all of you who are contributing to this forum. I teached me a lot! I really recommend everyone to try and launch a stake pool on the testnet. You will find a lot of out-dated guides or ones that are meant for the mainnet, forcing you to really learn about what you are doing, instead of just copy-pasting someone else his commands. It is hard work but in my opinion necessary to run a solid pool.

A few words about STORK pool: as I mentioned we are a mission driven stake pool. We want to use the gains of our stakepool to support nature center Pfäffikersee. It is a small nature center that takes care of education (mainly focussed on children) and preserves a beautiful nature area. In comparison to some other stake pools our goals are smaller but hopefully also more visible. We will make donation with clear goals in mind and keep you up to date of how we spend it through our website.

For now, have a look at our local storks which our pool is named after. If we are lucky we will see some baby storks later this spring! Link:

Regards from Switzerland!

new Twitter: @Stork_pool


Hi @Venne ,

Congrats on your new launched stake pool! Hope that more people who has the same concern will delegate to your pool. Have a nice evening! :coffee:

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Thank you Andreas! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Venne. How are you? Congratulation on your newly launched stake pool!

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Hi @Azure_ADA! Thank you so much for asking. Our pledge is going live at the next Epoch and we will be slot leader on Sunday morning! How exciting is that! On top of that we have spent some time on making plans together with the local nature center that we support and have upgraded our nodes to be future proof. Things are really coming together! As soon as we have made our first block we will put in some more effort to get our name out there and if people like what we are doing they are welcome to stake with us. :blush:

Congrats and good luck with it!

Asaf [ISR Pool]