Introducing Stake Pool - [DSIO]

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to introduce the Stake Pool that I launched a couple of weeks ago and after spending a good part of the holiday season adding iit to my website I am now releasing it into the world. My background is in Tech, Economics and Finance and I have been around since the dot com bubble when I worked in Tech and a decade later lived through the Lehman Brothers collapse while working in the financial sector.

Pool Information :
Ticker : DSIO ([DSIO] Dynamic Strategies | Cardano Staking)
Pledge : 30k
Fixed Fee : 340
Variable Fee : 2%
Website :
Location : Netherlands / Portugal

I am a single pool operator and my goal is to contribute to the decentralization of the Cardano Network so that the hard working people of the IOHK / Emurgo can delegate more of their stake to the community.

I am also passionate about automation in the Finance and can see how Smart Contracts can revolutionize the way Finance, Markets and Trading operate. I intend to be part of this and therefore this Node will be my building ground.

Technical Set-up
The Stake Pool is made up of 3 Nodes split between the North of Netherlands (Groningen) and the South of Portugal (Faro). Since regions are independent geographic areas, spreading resources and applications across different regions and zones provides isolation from different kinds of resources, applications, hardware, software, and infrastructure failures. This provides an even higher level of failure independence meaning the failure of one resource will not affect other resources in different regions and zones.

  • Block Producing Node - Netherlands (Groningen)
  • Relay Node N1 - Netherlands (Groningen)
  • Relay Node N2 - Portugal (Faro)

The servers in the Netherlands are Intel Xeon, 2CPU at 2.0GHz, 4GB RAM and 40GB Disk connected on a 100Mbps+ line with unlimited bandwidth. The server in Portugal is an Intel Cedar Mill, 2CPUs at 2.2GHz and 4GB RAM also on unlimited bandwidth.

We use socially responsible server providers - The datacenter in the Netherlands is 100% powered by Wind and Solar Energy and in Portugal we use a local datacenter that supports Students and Startups

All the nodes run on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux with the industry standard process management systemd. The pool is monitored with a duo of Prometheus and Grafana

Thank you for your attention, please consider delegating your ADA to DSIO


Wellcome to the family!

Hi everyone, just wanted to share the good news - First block was produced today!

If anyone is still looking for a pool to stake their precious ADA then consider ours please. We are an independent pool operator and our pool is working as it should



2nd block minted today! Rolled the kes keys a few days ago, all went to plan !