Introducing HAPPY Staking Pool 🥳 [HAPPY]

My name is Leon and I have started HAPPY Staking Pool :partying_face: in January of 2023 in order to be able to make a bigger impact on important matters such as reforestation, fighting plastic pollution and climate change. Also the prospect of earning rewards for doing something I like is very appealing.

I believe that Cardano has the potential to make the world a better and fairer place for everyone and I want to contribute making this the reality.

Stake pool information:

  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee
    HAPPY / 10.000 ADA / 340 ADA / 2.5%

  • Website (if applicable)

  • Contact (if applicable)
    Telegram: Telegram: Contact @happystaking

  • Pool ID

  • Location

  • Pool infrastructure
    An enterprise class 1U host running in a datacenter with gigabit connectivity. The host is running two public relays and one private. Each relay has 24GB of memory and 4 vCPU’s running between 2.4 and 3.0Ghz. Furthermore the host runs a primary and standby block producer. They each have 32GB of memory and 8 vCPU’s running between 2.6 and 3.0GHz.
    All systems have intrustion detection and are secured with a firewall, SELinux and other measures. Security is a process and improvements are beeing made continuously. Monitoring and alerting is done with Prometheus and Grafana.

  • Pool redundancy (if applicable)
    A second server that acts as a failover is in place in another country.
    At a later stage a third server will be added to the pool and it will be installed in a datacenter on another continent.

  • Operator experience
    A strong background in IT, server administration, databases and (web)development with many years of experience.

  • Why should users check out your pool?
    I’m committed to providing the highest staking rewards to my delegators while at the same time doing good for our planet.
    The pool’s goal is to make the world cleaner and greener and therefore I especially welcome delegators who share this goal and are focused on long-term results.
    The pool donates 30 to 70% of the variable fee rewards to reforestation projects and initiatives to clean up plastic pollution worldwide.
    Also the pool joined the xSPO and CSPA alliances to support the decentralisation of the Cardano blockchain. And last but not least; I am an active member of the Climate Neutral Cardano alliance.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I hope to welcome you soon as a delegator.

I wish you HAPPY staking!


Congrats @happystaking :tada: Wish your poll all the best & hope it will have lots of delegator soon. Cheers! :beers:

Thank you! :beers:

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Succes from colleague pool operator CASP :+1:

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Thank you, Mark :slight_smile: