Staker Space Pool

Hello Cardano Community

The reason our pool and organisation exists is because of Cardano. By Cardano and Charles we got inspired and got the idea of PoS and since then have been running professional services on different protocols, such as, Kusama and other testnets. Although Cardano brought us to the idea, other protocols were quicker with the release of their code. The goal was to learn more about managing the nodes and what skills were necessary for a pool/node operator.

Staker Space wants to be an infrastructure provider for the decentralized web. We want to be recognized as a reliable node-operator that is fair and open for discussion. You can check out our website for more info.

Our pool #SPACE has been struggling with finding support in the community in terms of delegation. Currently the only stake that is present is our own, we registered our pool pretty early on, but somehow it never latched on. Hopefully with this post it can generate some support!

Thanks for reading.
Ilhan from Staker Space