Introduction of EU01 pool by StakePool247

Hello fellow members,

I’m Lauris (@StakePool247) and have been with the Cardano since 2018 when I first heard about this project.

Overall, I have been with the crypto industry since late 2013 when I was building my mining farms (GPUs and later ASICs). I think Cardano has it all - Great vision, fantastic support from the community, and capability to convert the vision into reality!

Previously I have been working as an IT lecturer (Linux administration) and later worked for such large corporations as Microsoft and Samsung but left the corporate world to start my businesses (some failed and some of them successful :slight_smile:) . I have a strong technological background and a business-oriented person. Cardano now is one of the main projects for me.

Currently, I am running my own pool: EU01 which I started on the first days of ITN and now “migrated” to the Mainnet.

So far I’m managing a telegram group ( ) where I have been helping together with other group members/mentors a group (280+) of new stake pool operators by guiding them on how to run a stake pool by helping them to understand how the Stake Pools work. My goal of this telegram group is simple - Train the Trainers, so we have a solid foundation of pool operators and I’m very happy to see a lot of members stepping up and mentoring other group members!

I have also created content for people who want to start their own pools with simple step by step guide as well as videos

My goal is to educate and create technical awareness on how to run a successful pool and I’m prefer to have more pool operators who understand the technical part of running a stake pool instead of just having a generation of script kiddies :blush:

Cardano has a HUGE potential to change the whole blockchain industry from which a lot of people around the world would benefit. But to succeed - we need to build this on Solid Foundation - and one of the blocks in this foundation are pool operator and their mindset.

EU01 Pool details
Name: StakePool24/7
Ticker: EU01
Pool ID: 76e80e1b3f622c7051f222453497b0667e12892f5d94ee565d17dc52
Pledge: 250.00k ₳
Margin: 2.5%
Fixed Cost: 340 ₳


Server specifications:
If you have watched my youtube videos, then you know that the pool is running on Google Cloud Platform :blush:

Currently running with 4vCPU / 8GB per node ( 1 Core & 3 relays)

Why should users check out your pool?
I have the technical background needed to successfully run a stake pool as well I have been successfully managing pools on ITN and gained vast experience in this specific field. I am also a member of Friends and Family group which I joined on the 2nd “wave” and committed to Cardano project.

Looking forward to creating one of the best blockchain community in the entire industry!

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Congrats on getting the pool up and running! Best of luck

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