Introduction of PandaPool [TOY] - Cardano Newbie but Lover

Hi, [TOY] PandaPool says hello to everyone
I am a Taiwanese, and I have just stepped into the world of Cardano recently, and my mining pool has just been set up in Epoch 251 and started to operate.

I am an App Developer for Android and iOS App and have experience in setting up WordPress websites and PHP development. I have also researched some in the past.

The Ethereum Web3 smart contract related things, until recently, the market value of Cardano has risen to a high level, which made me unexpectedly want to study. Finally, I decided to participate in more Cardano-related matters by establishing a mining pool.

Although I have just established a mining pool, I am facing the problem of very low mortgage amount. This is what I have to work hard on. If other larger mining pool operators are able to help my little pandapool, I will be very thank you.

I will continue to share some Cardano information with people in Taiwan. I also plan to operate the Cardano node I currently set up for a long time, because I know that Cardano is a very good decentralized financial project.

I also plan to donate some to charities in need if the operation of the Cardano mining pool is rewarded or profitable. Sorry my pool english expression, hopefully it’s just beginning, and I will run Cardano Pool for a long time.

Finally I wanna thank those who have helped me solve the problem of setting up a mining pool. Pretty appreciate you.


Pool Name: PandaPool
Pool Ticker: TOY
Pool ID: ed8b9c25260584007c5453650cbad28c163c0c9d01b880f30655c396
Live Stake: 3.89K
Pledge: 700 (sorry I’m not rich man. but I love Cardano.)

Pool Website:
Pool Youtube: Ming葛格
Pool Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ada_pandapoo

The operating host of the mining pool: Linode Cloud (Relay Node + Producer Node)
Linode Website:
System: CentOS
Disk: 160GB SSD
Core: 4CPU Cores
Server Region: Singapore
Ram: 8GB Rams(increase if need in future)
Monthly Network Transfer: Max 10000 GB limit (pretty enough)
CentOS PermitRootLoin: NO (can only log in from an external single account to increase security)

Additional detectors:
Prometheus + Grafana

Topology file update:
Regularly check the number of node connections and update the Topology JSON file to ensure that the nodes connected to the host are online and synchronizable.

Regularly check the CPU and RAM occupancy rate:
If it needs to be expanded in the future, it will increase.

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Welcome to the Community!


Hi @ice459pp . Glad to have another SPO in Cardano network. Hope more delegators from all around the world stake in your pool. Cheers :coffee:

thank you, I will continue to be a good SPO :grinning:.

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