Introducing Pool [PDX] Stumptownadapool

Hello Cardano community!

I am a crypto-enthusiast since 2016; big fan of cardano project and a long term investor in blockchain technology. I created a pool wanting to contribute to this community and it has been running stable since epoch 34 (when I launched it).


Name: StumptownADApool
Ticker: PDX
Pool ID: 120b446b73ed19cd6fa6c693d82fef63fc429a21eda02cbe3034dbab728aa470
Pool fee: 2.0%

I am located in the US, the pool is running on my own server-grade hardware more than capable of hosting several pools and it is hosting several independent nodes as well. I have many years of System Engineering and IT experience. The health of the pool is being monitored everyday and it is running 24/7. Currently, one of my biggest issues is lack of own tAda hence 0 stake. I have some Ada on mainnet but it wasn’t in yoroi or daedalus during the snapshot. One of the guys from telegram group was generous enough to donate 501 tAda so I can register the pool. If you feel inclined please delegate to my stake pool and let’s mint the first block together!

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