Introducing Stakepool Crypto Dredge [CDA]

Hello guys,

today I would like to introduce myself and my pool. Actually, I’ve been planning this for a long time, but my job is currently completely occupied by me.

I’ve been following Cardano since 2017 and have been on fire for this project from the start. From the beginning I was convinced by the vision of becoming a completely independent platform and when I saw the famous whiteboard video by Charles Hoskinson, it completely happened to me. I am fully convinced that Cardano deserves to be successful. And that’s not what I mean by looking at the course!

Now just a few words about me.

I am 36 years old and have always been enthusiastic about technology. I got my first computer from my parents in the early 90s and from that moment it was all over me and I was completely immersed in this world.
It is therefore not far from my career that I decided to go into IT. I have been familiar with programming websites, apps and other applications for over 15 years and when it comes to IT security, cloud computing and virtualization (Docker, VM …) I can usually provide advice and assistance.

I work in a small company in a small town in the east of Germany. We oversee a wide variety of projects. Unfortunately, we live in a structurally weak region of Germany.
Therefore, the orders and their compensation are not as good as in other regions.

Now a few words about my pool.

I had actually planned to be part of the ITN and to start directly with my pool in the mainnet in 2020. But unfortunately the pandemic completely agreed on my job and I didn’t find the time until the turn of the year :frowning:

Since, as mentioned above, I do not live in a financially strong region, I am unfortunately not able to raise a higher pledge. I also bought my ADAs at the beginning and unfortunately I was never able to buy more. Since I always wanted to support the Cardano project, but my hands are tied, it was clear to me that I would operate nodes.

I would just like to briefly discuss my infrastructure here. If you want to know more about it you can find all the information on my website.

When choosing the infrastructure, it was important for me that I can guarantee 99% uptime with the highest degree of security and accessibility. Therefore, I decided on a cloud solution and set it up in such a way that firstly only the relays have access to the Internet and all connections between each other are only realized via VPN tunnels. I think, in principle, I can say that my stake pool is in good and experienced hands.


  • Ticker: CDA
  • Pool ID: 796ab264483c464e2df3add039a8cd04e3eed9c79f45507fba35bf02
  • Registered 2021-01-01 17:05:55 Epoch 239
  • First epoch: 241 (Live Stake)
  • My Pool on
  • My Pool on
  • Cloud Server 2 relays and 1 block producer
  • Relays 2x: 4 Cores Intel Xeon 4GB RAM NVMe SSD Raid with Ubuntu 20.04 and Docker
  • Producer: 4 Cores Intel Xeon 8GB RAM NVMe SSD Raid with Ubuntu 20.04 and Docker
  • Air Gapped Server in my Office
  • Daily Backups
  • 10 GBit Network connection
  • Pledge: 5000 ADA (Why not more? Read above)
  • Epoch Fee: 340 ADA
  • Fee: 1.5%
  • Website:
  • Location: Germany

My little mission:

I am currently planning to publish more teaching materials on my website and YouTube. I got support from a friend who already recorded the first video for you :smiley: How To Delegate your ADA Coins to a Staking Pool | Super Simple - YouTube

So you see, I’m serious, my pool will continue to stay online regardless of whether it fills up quickly or not. It should be my gift for the network I believe in Cardano and therefore ultimately also in my pool!


Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Youtube: Crypto Dredge - YouTube