Introducing My ADA Node stake pool [MADA1]

Hi everyone,

we have the pleasure to present introduce you our stake pool.

Ticker: [MADA1]
Website (Still in progress):
PoolID: pool1yrycp4fjyd0al60xw826jdju35zazqmfny53r07efucuvlvnej7
Our Location: Brisbane, Australia (we are both Australian/French)
Hosting: Cloud (AWS) on arm cpu (aarch64 architecture)

Contact: kaverne on

What are our motivation to run a stake node ?

We are Cardano/ADA convinced and invested some money in it. But we wanted to be part of the adventure.
We are really behind the real decentralized idea of the Cardano network and believe that the network needs small size stake pools.
Small size doesn’t mean “not serious” or “not stable”, we intend to show this.
So to put our money where our mouth is, here we are !

Who are we ?

We are both IT professional adding up more than 30 years of experience.
One of us is a full Stack developer, with a strong side for transaction backends.
The other is a devops cloud engineer, with strong background in linux.

What’s our approach ?

Use the devsecops model fully and build a fully automated stack (already done).
Treat server as cattle, not pet. We can rebuild any part of our stack in less than 3 minutes, and it happens automaticaly with no human intervention.
Using the cloud spread and resiliance to the maximum of it’s capacity.
We have also worked to make the servers run on ARM architecture, but not raspberry pi, the professional side of this.
We will share all this knowledge with the community through technical post probably in “Operate a Stake pool”

What is our goal ?

Manage to have a meaningful pool and attract some stake by our proven our efficiency and stability.
We think raising the k number is a good thing. But something also need to be done to get small efficient pools out of the unknown.

What is our next step ?

Work on the website and publish / share all we have learned in automating the stake pool.
Help the community with our capacity to all get better, we have already learnt a lot through it !
Find a way to become meaningful as a pool and advocate for pool diversity in the Cardano network.

Thank you already for all you gave us, let’s now work all together toward our common goal.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.

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Congratulations on getting the new pool set up!

thanks mate.