Thank you and greetings from switzerland

i just finished the setup for my own stake pool today and wanted to thank everyone in the cardano community. it really helped me a lot to read through the forum and chat with you.

i hope i can run my stake pool successfully and be part of this community :slight_smile:

thank you

Cardano Stake Pool


Hi @rapha31 ,

Congrats on your new stake pool. Hope more delegator will stake on your pool. You could also introduce your pool on another topic for new stake pool introduction. Wish you a nice weekend :coffee:

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thank you and have a nice weekend as well :slight_smile:

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Hello! Congratulations on your new stake pool setup! I, myself, don’t know how to do it. It seems to be a pretty hard process!

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thank you, i just followed the guide on CoinCashew
and watched some videos on youtube and as i said it helped a lot to read through the forum and learn from the community members.

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Welcome to join the community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: